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Meet Chef Allen Sims

If you’ve had the chance to dine with us in the past several years, then you know that we are very fortunate that Chef Allen Sims has chosen to make Buck’s his culinary home. Chef Allen has not only perfected some of our signature dishes during his tenure with us, but he’s brought new and exciting dishes to the menu, helping to craft new traditions along the way.

Chef Allen found his passion for cooking in his family’s kitchen, watching his parents and grandparents create meals from the heart. “I learned to eat more than anything,” says Chef Allen. “I developed an appreciation for food and flavor thanks to that early experience.” From there, Chef Allen pursued a career in cooking with early jobs in commercial kitchens and banquet cooking. He was constantly seeking new skills, new recipes and new flavors to add to his Southern-inspired repertoire.

When our management team met Chef Allen, it was immediately clear that he was going to be a great fit for the future of Buck’s. His excitement for making food from the heart and soul matched our own passion for helping our patrons create lifelong memories and meaningful traditions. “I came to Buck’s because I wanted to touch the palates of the patrons who come through the door,” Chef Allen says. “I want them to come back to our tables time and again because they know they’re enjoying the best food possible.”

Since then, Chef Allen has been exceeding everyone’s expectations with new creations that tantalize the taste buds. Innovative explorations like the Kentucky Lawyer, a pan-seared lobster tail served over mashed potatoes with asparagus and finished with an Angel’s Envy bourbon cream sauce and julienned jowl bacon are rapidly becoming new favorites in the dining room. Patrons are also loving Chef Allen’s Quail on the Hill, a tender pan-seared quail topped with red onion marmalade and served on a bed of wild rice with delectable asparagus on the side, and Beef Short Rib Wellington, Chef Allen’s take on the timeless classic.

In addition to these new menu items, our all-new Patio Menu was designed specifically to be enjoyed al fresco on our recently updated and expanded en plein air dining room. Available Monday-Thursday, we’ve created dishes that pair perfectly with half price bottles of select wines, for a culinary experience unlike anything else available in Louisville.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to enjoy the creative cuisine of Chef Allen Sims yet, we’d like to invite you to join us either on the patio or in the dining room for a special meal that is sure to become a treasured memory. Make your reservations by calling (502) 637-5284.

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